Institute of Space Sciences and Technologies of Asturias (ICTEA)

The Institute of Space Sciences and Technologies of Asturias (Instituto de Ciencias y Tecnologías Espaciales de Asturias, ICTEA) is a multidisciplinary research institute at Universidad de Oviedo in the fields of physics, geology, mathematics, or medicine:

  • Mineralogy of asteroids
  • Planetary geology, with field research in the Antarctica
  • Discovery and carachterisation of exoplanets
  • Cosmology: study of the large-scale structure of the Universe through gravitational lensing to understand both dark matter and energy
  • Adaptative optics using machine learning techniques
  • Experimental high energy physics: study and carachterisation  of physical observables of the standard model of particle physics (SM), search of new particles, etc.
  • Theoretical high energy physics: string theory, extra dimensions and dualities, supersymmetric quantum field theories, supergravity, holography, etc.
  • Analysis of type M red dwarf stars' rotation
  • Medicine: use of machine learning techniques for diagnostic and prevention



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