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Theoretical High Energy Physics Group (HEP-th)

Theoretical physics tries to discover and understand the underlying fundamental laws that explain the behaviour of the physical world we live in. Inside this subfield of physics, quantum mechanics, and relativity (both special and general) are the tools to seek the explanations to all kind of phenomena, from microscopic scales (the world of fundamental particles) to macroscopic ones (the world of galaxies and large scales).

The research of the Theoretical High Energy Physics Group from the Universidad de Oviedo expands through different areas: from topics such as quantum field theories and supersymmetry, to string theories in extra dimensions. Other fields are also investigated, drom supergravity or duality theories, to holography.

Main lines of research:

  • String theory and extra dimensions.
  • Quantum field theory (QFT) and supersymmetry (SUSY).
  • Supergravity and dualities.
  • Holography.


Research group website: www.unioviedo.es/hepth/home/ .

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